Seeking Employment?

Are you looking for a job?

Consulting with a recruitment agency in your quest to finding a new job is of course a step in the right direction and comes highly recommended if you wish to land a job at an establishment with a good standing and reputation, and to be placed in a position were you will grow & thrive. We seek to only place our valued candidates at renowned and reputable hotels, lodges and resorts to ensure that the new journey you are about to embark upon is a long lasting and happy one!

With our keen eye, we carefully select the best match for you, for a position and place where we are sure your future is bright and that your needs are met.

Having a recruitment agent assist you in your job search guarantees that the vacancies you will be applying for are the very best vacancies on the market in the hospitality industry at only top rated places.

Being guided and assisted by an experienced recruitment agent will serve as a huge benefit for you in your preparation in landing your dream job – we will handle and manage all aspects of the job search; from the C.V submitting, interview process, salary package negotiations and finally filling the position. Job seeking can be a daunting and nerve wrecking experience for anyone, we will be there to lead you and support you throughout this process, giving you peace of mind that you are always in good and capable hands and that we are looking out for your needs as well as the needs of the hiring client.

Best Jobs

Working through a recruitment agency ensures that you will be applying for the best job on the market in the hospitality industry at only the most reputable hotels, resorts and lodges.

Professional Guidance

Ensuring your are in good and fully capable hands, that your needs and requirements are met. You will be guided by experts in the hospitality field

Are there any fees payable by candidates

No – All fees are payable only by the employer.

Will a placement be guaranteed ?

No. We are not able to guarantee this, our clients decide which candidate they will choose.

Do I need to put exact employment dates on my CV ?

Yes, exact employment dates are crucial e.g. – Date – Month – Year

Do I need to put references on the CV ?

Yes. 3 or 4 References of the most recent places of employment


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