Frequently Asked Questions about the recruitment process for both the hiring client (Lodge, Hotel, Resort) and the job seeker.

Are there any fees payable by candidates

No – All fees are payable only by the employer.

Do I need to put exact employment dates on my CV ?

Yes, exact employment dates are crucial e.g. – Date – Month – Year

Will a placement be guaranteed ?

No. We are not able to guarantee this, our clients decide which candidate they will choose.

Do I need to put references on the CV ?

Yes. 3 or 4 References of the most recent places of employment

How is the candidate placement fee calculated ?

The candidate’s monthly salary is multiplied by 12 X 9% = Fee

Do you supply reputable and traceable references of employment ?

Yes, we generally supply 3 or 4 employment references.

Do you offer a Guarantee ?

Yes. we offer a 3 month guarantee

Do you only operate in South Africa ?

No, we recruit & place candidates in Southern, Eastern, Western & Northern Africa


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